Set my-router-cookie to

🏠 Home

Hello! This is a publicly accessible home page.
It can be accessed by both the / and /home paths. By simply setting a cookie, Vercel can take logged-in users to /dashboard using a redirect or a rewrite.

How does this demo work?

Change the my-router-cookie cookie in the navbar and navigate around.

When set to:

the URLs will behave conventionally. Visiting / will show this Home page, and visiting /dashboard will show the Dashboard page.

No bueno. This is default behavior but it's not a good user experience because users will have to click a link to navigate to their dashboard every time they visit your website.

visiting/ redirects to /dashboard

Better. This may cause a slight delay while the redirect occurs, but Vercel does it server-side and it's still really fast.

visiting/ shows the contents of /dashboard without changing the URL

Best. This creates a seamless experience where visiting shows the website for public users and the dashboard for logged-in users.

How do logged-in users see the home page?

Good question. It would suck to force your users to log out before they can see your website. That's why companies reserve /home as a route for logged-in users. Here are some examples:

This demo has gone ahead and done that, so try clicking /home with a redirect or rewrite cookie set.